The Association of Accounting Technicians, or AAT, is a UK qualification and professional body for vocational accountants, with nearly 150,000 members worldwide.

It was created by the merger of two founding institutes: the Institute of Accounting Staff (then a subsidiary of ACCA) and the Association of Technicians in Finance and Accounting (then a subsidiary of CIPFA).

It is a technician level qualification offering higher apprenticeships which entitles those who have completed the exams and obtained relevant supervised work experience to become an accounting technician. The AAT is based in London, but has branches with membership all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Why Study AAT

Want a new direction for your career? Think Accountancy, according to statistics, the average salary for Accountants is £50,000, it is the sector where the employ-ability rate is higher than any other sector. Whether you’re a school leaver, already employed or simply looking for a career change a career in accountancy could be a real option for you.

What is AAT?

The AAT is an internationally recognised accounting qualification and over 100,000 people are currently benefiting from gaining an AAT qualification and full AAT membership. Gaining the qualification will help you support throughout your accountancy career.

What are the benefits after I finish AAT Courses

A newly qualified AAT member can expect to earn an average of £21,600. Moreover, the AAT member will have been earning throughout their training and will have avoided student debt. Accounting technicians work at all levels of finance and accounting, depending on the level of their career. Some accounting technicians work as accounts clerks, others go on to become managing directors or finance directors of well-known companies. Some go to work as a self employed accountant as AAT allows the student to become Chartered.

AAT Qualification

AAT provides range of accounting and bookkeeping qualification. If you prefer to pursue your career as an accountant you may choose to go for AAT Accounting qualification. However, if you prefer to build your career as a bookkeeper, you may choose to go for AAT Bookkeeping qualification.