LX Learning operate within a rapidly changing global landscape. We strive to continually grow our knowledge assets and work with clients in improving their careers and meeting educational needs.

Partnering with local community groups, voluntary organizations and the government sector we regularly review our approach and business practices to develop a positive and sustainable framework that enables citizenship education goals to be met.


LX Training announced a new program in January 2017 that seeks to provide a debt-free pathway to a degree education with scholarships of up to 80% for underrepresented students.

The goal of the LX Inclusion Program is to help students create financial sustainability while removing economic barriers, providing an affordable pathway to a degree education.

Starting this fall, LX will mainly fund the first two degree years exception — tuition, fees — for eligible students. with plans to serve up to 1,000 new students on an annual basis.

Program eligibility:

  • Students are at least 19 years of age and not already graduates
  • Student meeting of the English prerequisites for the course
  • Student commitment to cover cost of remarking for any failed units

“LX Promise to promote equality amongst our learners, a core component of the college’s values, by reducing the barrier of financial debt, ensuring that our global community members have the chance to receive a quality education,”

Learners must meet with a student success advisor and develop an academic degree plan before their first term of enrollment.

In order to remain on the program, students will be required to pass their modules and be responsible for the costs of retakes.