Management Pathways

LX Training provides professionals, located anywhere in the world, with pathways to the final year of career enhancing I.T or management degrees from the U.K, Australia, Canada and US.

Our courses are designed to fit your schedule, providing learning in blended formats that enable direct entry to the final year of university degrees. Depending on the degree and university picked for this “top up” part of the degree can be taken via distance learning or classroom based options.

This approach ensures you continue to progress your management or I.T career without disruption or impact on earnings from day one. By just undertaking the this study you become more employable whilst also avoiding the disruption and significant costs traditionally associated with 3 year classroom based degrees.

Our exempting diplomas can be completed in as little as 6 months whilst the university element is usually completed in a year, although up to 6 years can be allowed depending university policy.

As well as providing direct pathways to the final year of degrees offered by university partners, exemptions can be achieved of up to two years at others degrees in countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK and the US.


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